Messy Mice Play and Learn Club

Arts & Crafts, Messy play, Stories & Rhymes & Imaginative Role-play! (Toddlers to 4yr Olds)

Fun & educational activities for Mums* and their little mice! Led by ‘Mia Mouse’, an experienced Primary school teacher/Early Years specialist. Each session concludes with a story/rhyme time, led by Mia and our puppet friend ‘Messy Mouse!’

What is your child learning at Messy Mice?

All our sessions are designed to encourage active learning and creative thinking (skills for life!). They support toddlers/pre-school children as they develop skills across the Early Years Foundation Stage

Creative Development

Experimenting with colours & materials
Exploring different media (gloop, foam, jelly, cooked spaghetti & more!)
Imaginative role play/acting out experiences with others (doctors, shoe shops, cafes etc.)
Fun songs, action rhymes and stories.

Personal, Social and
Emotional Development

Supporting your child in making relationships with others and developing self confidence.


Developing excitement and interest in books, stories and rhymes
Developing early mark making skills (as older pre-school children begin to give meaning to the marks they make).


Developing an awareness of number names through their enjoyment of action rhymes & songs.
Noticing and creating simple shapes in patterns and pictures.

Understanding the World

Exploring media by linking different approaches (shaking, hitting, feeling, tasting, patting, poking etc)
Acting out their experiences of the world in pretend play.

Physical Development

Supporting your child in developing their fine and gross motor skills – their control and coordination in small and large movements.

Communication & Language

Encouraging and practising listening and attention, understanding and speaking.

* (Also for Dads, Grandparents, au pairs etc and their little mice!)